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We are Innovation in insulation continuous production lines for sandwich panels manufacturer. Our Continuous production lines Engineered to perfection for outstanding quality in sandwich elements.

about chitelk
Technology leader & High-performance production

Chitelk has designed and manufactured equipment for the polyurethane industry for more than 10 years now.
Chitelk is the technology leader in several market segments, where we are considered to be the reference supplier. We have the experience and know-how to support you, our customers, every step of the way – from the initial idea, through development of the optimal solution, to commissioning, operating and servicing your system. At all times, you can rely on our outstanding competence in planning and engineering and on our fast-response service and support.

Production systems engineered by Chitelk meet all the criteria for high-tech production systems for insulating panels. Whatever the target use for the sandwich panels – industrial buildings, cold rooms, prefabricated houses, or wall and roof insulation – our production systems ensure high-performance process technology. The result is excellent product quality.

Benefits for your business
  • The systems are modular and perfectly tailored to the application and to customer requirements.
  • Stands for state-of-the-art machinery, proven and reliable concepts and highest product quality.
  • Energy consumption is low, proprietary routing of the heating air through the double belt unit.
  • Competitive advantage from sandwich elements with a highvalue surface due to high-precision calibration.
  • Change of thicknesses and widths is fast, easy and errorproof.
  • Highly automated, cost-effective production.
Design and cost considerations

Sandwich panels are easy and fast to install, they can be produced rapidly and on demand in the required quantity and length, and they can be easily transported to wherever they are needed. All in all, sandwich panels are a lower cost solution compared to traditional building materials.

We provides the expertise to engineer optimized systems for manufacturing sandwich elements. Our products cover all the options – from presses where the elements are produced one by one to complete production plants, including double belt presses, designed for mass production of sandwich elements.

Service, support and spare parts – when you need them, where you need them.
Rely on us for a fast and competent response to all your service needs anywhere in the world. From troubleshooting and training to spares or repairs .