Sandwich panel machine

Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Manufacturing Line.

Combination possible with EPS sandwich panel manufacturing line and Polyurethane sandwich panel manufacturing line

The most insulated panel, Polyurethane Sandwich Panel, is one of our recommendation where insulation is key factor for your clients. This is designed to have polyurethane chemical reaction of foaming by heat. Adopting computer controlled system, it is possible to have central control. For the best foam of polyurethane, the line controls temperature from pre-heating, which is for evaporating water on the steel, and main-heating, which is installed on the Double Slat Conveyor, the main part.

  • Non Flammable Insulation of Mineral Wool, Rock Wool and Glass Wool.
  • Turn-key based system from raw material insert to finished product packing.
  • Easy operation and customized system.
  • Various and fine profiles and sizes of sandwich panel.
  • Upgradable system to the higher technology.
  • Remote control system and Long life span.

Adopting cassette type of roll forming machine, it is possible to produce various profiles, including normal wall, secret fix, roof and siding panel. The main part, Double Slat Conveyor, has two sections, which are synchronized accurately to have even pressure on the sandwich panel strand. After foaming, it is cut by band saw cutting machine, panel cutter, with full cut without having burr on the edge.

Finished panels are discharged to cooling system to temperature of the panel down to avoid panel shrink during its delivery by arm shaped conveyor. And directly finished product is piled up by Auto Stacker and Turn-over into a bundle and packed with vinyl wrap to protect its skins from scratch. The finished panel product is discharged by roller conveyor outside

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The machine is designed, produced and installed in regards to client’s request. Therefore for any further request or new panel design, e-mail us at
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