Our service

We supplies complete lines, including the uncoiling units, for producing sandwich elements with flexible and rigid facing layers, or the feed units for panels or mineral wool. For metal facings we supplies state-of-the-art roll forming equipment. After calibration and curing, a complete line will include saws, cooling conveyors, stacking and wrapping units. These downstream units are chosen and integrated to match each customer’s special production requirements.

Provide a comprehensive solutions service

Spare parts and service:
expert advice in right spare part that is adapted to your needs, use original spare parts with manufacturer's warranty.

Availability and fast delivery:
Apart from reliable availability and fast delivery, we impress above all with an attractive price/performance ratio.

Innovation for retrofitting:
Draw on our innovation for simple and fast retrofitting, optimise your machine's performance and secure decisive advantages.

Assembly and start-up:
Qualified and experienced engineers carry out the assembly and start-up of our machines and plants professionally.

Technical Services provide a comprehensive advisory service to Spare Parts & Tools, Repairs & Adjustments, and Assembly and start-up, Operator training, and Upgrades & Equipment.

Our business